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River Canoeing & Rafting 

River Canoeing & Rafting 

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The teams are given the opportunity to build their own rafts.

To do this successfully they need to plan, draw and make a model before setting out to build the real raft. The model rafts are raced and then the teams are able to make appropriate alterations/modifications to their raft. Then the fun really begins when the teams gather barrels, planks and ropes to build the winning raft!

Once on the bank, they need to organise themselves into an effective and productive team, working together in order to successfully build their raft within the allocated time. Will they sink, swim or successfully paddle across the water!

In a nutshell are they able to Plan, Organise & Produce the winning raft!

Medics are essential for this event

Swimming costumes and sun block is a must!!

Why you choose this package!

  • Team work

  • Comradiship

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