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MasterChef (Cooking up a Storm)

MasterChef (Cooking up a Storm) allows the contestants to experience and interact first hand with each others culinary skills.

This makes it extremely interesting, when different cultures and ethnic teams are stirred together ‘In a Pot’.  The flavours, aroma and preparation of the teams culinary skills, will determine the standard of the dishes being served.

The preparation of food and ingredients combined with passion and enthusiasm of the team participants, will most definitely culminate in the winning dishes being presented on the day.

The MasterChef  (Cook Out) reaches a crescendo, when the count down begins and each of the Chefs with their ‘Kitchen Brigade’ have to then present and sell their ‘Restaurant’ to the judges and chefs from the different restaurants in order to ‘Win’.

The restaurants are judged on the following areas:

  1. The design and layout theme of restaurant table. (Simple is More)

  2. The design of their restaurant Menu (Originality)

  3. Starter (Pancake mix is provided, option Sweet or Savoury)

  4. Main Course (Two main courses, Meat & Chicken Breasts)

  5. A side Salad should also be cater for (All ingriedents provided)

  6. Desert (Assortment of Fruit, Biscuits, Chocolate, Cream etc)

The team contestants are allowed to barter or trade with the other restaurants  thus making it very interesting.

Let the ‘Cook Out begin’….

Chef’s & Kitchen Brigade Dynamics

The group is divided into teams. Each team appoints an Executive Chef, who  delegates task to each person in his/her “kitchen brigade”. Therefore this ensures a smooth interaction of starters, mains and desert meal.

The teams are shown the ingredients and must then create an appropriate menu to suit their style of restaurant and therefore will come up with a restaurant theme and name.

  • Design of your ‘Teams Menu’.

  • Decoration of your ‘Teams Restaurant Table’.

  • Starter.

  • Main course.

  • Dessert.

  • Cocktail Presentation (Optional)

Management Skills developed through this activity are:

  • Planning

  • Attention to detail

  • Communication

  • Bonding

  • Inspire & Motivate

  • Cultural diversity

  • Fun and Memorable Experience

Each Chef and their Kitchen Brigade  will be judged on presentation, flavour, creativity and how successfully they worked together. The teams  share their knowledge on various aspects of their food preparation and cooking techniques. This allows each individual the opportunity to discover interesting facts about one another’s culture.

Most importantly, the individual team members will know who they should visit, and who they should not visit on the weekend.





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MasterChef (Cooking up a Storm) enables its clients to experience and share each others culinary skills during a team build.

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