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Equine Experience

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The Equine activity, does not require the team to ride the horses. The Corporate Team delegates engage, interact, collaborate and work in harmony with the horses. This equips and enables the team to gain an in-depth insight into their behavioural patterns, and this is mirrored in the office environment.

Each team activity works with a horse, ultimately gaining the animals trust and cooperation by making the horse part of the team.    Colleagues with aggressive or passive personalities soon realise that this approach does not work.   Through interaction, collaboration, assertiveness and respect, the horse’s behaviour reflects our own human behaviour and guides us towards success.

Horses are social animals and have defined roles within the herd. Similar to people and many other intelligent animals, they have distinct personalities and may not do what you require them to do. The process of trying to accomplish the task given to the team ends up leading to some pretty intense discussions and insights!

As large and powerful animals, some people find them intimidating. Working with horses gives those people the opportunity to overcome their fears and develop confidence. It also provides opportunities to discuss other intimidating and challenging situations.

The delegates engage in team-emphasized activities and interact with the horses. They are required to work as a unit, similar to the work place:

  • Strategic teamwork

  • Communication specialist

  • Op’s division

According to the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association, Equine guided education utilizes and develops the following skills:

  • Non-Verbal, Communication & Assertiveness

  • Confidence

  • Creative Thinking

  • Problem Solving

  • Leadership

  • Taking on Responsibility

  • Trust and Respect

  • Team Work

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