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Minute To Win It

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Minute to Win It, is based on the famous TV game show. Fast paced, covers 18 numerous challenges, logical, lateral, innovative, practical and some interesting physical challenges. The team must complete all the tasks within a specified time period, in order to win the large cash prize.

The best team person is selected for the specific task. Each task has a specific time limit, and needs to to be completed in  the fastest time.

There are individual or team related tasks, once completed your flag goes up….. the winning team is awarded the money.

The event can be held both in or out doors, teams compete against the clock and one another.

The object is to first complete successfully all the activities  and win the most money.

The team with the most money money at the end of the game wins.

‘Minute to Win’ it incorporates..

  • Competitive & Constructive Team work

  • Collaboration

  • Positive interaction

  • Accountability

  • Trust

  • Loads of Fun

Why you choose this package!

  • Team work

  • Common goal

  • High attention to detail and delegation of resources

  • Trust

  • Fun

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