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Coaching and training services

DATeam is associated with proven Coaches and Trainers in their respective fields and expertise to provide workshops and/or presentations in conjunction with our Team Building Products for all levels of staff in the workplace.

Workshops and programmes include:

PSI® - Effective Coherence in the Workplace

  • Executive Coherence​

  • Team Coherence

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Definition of a Coach

“Partnering with clients in a Collaborative, thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential”

Definition of Training

Training is the act of increasing your knowledge, skill and know-how of an employee for doing a specific job."


"Training is the process by which man-power is embraced and harnessed for specific jobs that he or she will  carry out."

DATeam is associated with qualified Trainers and a Coaching company, to provide workshops for all levels of staff.

The Corporate Coach Training Programme is designed specifically for the workplace in order to develop an internal network of qualified coaches, ensuring that coaching becomes available across all levels of employees, management and executives. Coaching supports self-empowerment, raises self-awareness, highlights hidden abilities, resulting in positive and proactive achievements and results within the organisation.


Leader as Coach


Leader as Coach, is designed for leaders to incorporate a coaching management style that will enable creating an environment in which people will be heard and have a sense that their experience and contributions are of substance and value.

Such environments of trust will result in teams being open to new ideas, negotiation and understanding, also during times when difficult decisions by the leader need to be embraced. Leading with a coaching approach ensures that employees not only succeed passionately at work, but also in their personal lives.

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