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Experience & Feel the Live ‘Rhythm & Beat’ of Africa.

Interactive Drumming & Percussion

The 'Drumming Voice of the People' are united as 'One' as they build to a crescendo, as they all feel the rhythm of the 'Drums' as it touches the team and completes the 'African Experience'. 

Funky rhythm on Djembe drums, African Kesheshe shakers, rhythm sticks, egg shakers, tambourines & castanets, Bass drums, African ewe bells, cow bells, mambo bells and tone blocks.

Backing team of facilitators provide rhythmic support ‘groove’, variation fills & ‘Spice’ to the dynamic ‘Beat & Rhythm’


Why Choose this Package?

  • The Voice of the Team

  • Team work

  • Comradeship

  • Effective Communication

Your Drum Voice: By Shayne Simpson

A five minute talk on drumming is given to specifically address the ‘Drum Voice’….’Your Voice’ in the work place. A direct correlation may be drawn to the work place.


The voice of the drum = Our own voice in the workplace.

  • Listening Skills: Listening to oneself, as well as the other drums = Listening to how one speaks to other people in the workplace. Am I loud, or is my voice not heard at all. Do I talk over other people? (Playing to loud). Do I listen to other people’s ideas or suggestions? (Concentrating and listening to other people playing).

  • Working Together: The importance of working together, as a team to build the rhythm, create music together, sense of unity, direction, purpose and has a musical flow. Drums playing in harmony together, is like a choir singing together. Not working together or not playing together creates noise, chaos and is unmusical. Working together, as a team in the workplace facilitates and drives people towards achieving their targets and goals. This combined sense of unity, has a positive flow and rhythm to embrace your everyday tasks with enthusiasm resulting in success.

  • Rhythm: Many people tell me I have no rhythm or I can’t play drums. I tell them “If your heart beats, then you have rhythm within you’. People fail themselves before they even try. It’s ok to make a mistake or not play correctly. Everyone makes mistakes from time to time, but I have a whole team to help me hold the rhythm and keep things flowing. In the workplace people say I can’t do this or can’t do that, failing them-selves even before trying. If I make a mistake, I have a team to help support me, correct my mistakes and get me back on track.

  • Fun: This is going to be fun and I want people to enjoy them-selves. It is not a test. Let’s play together and everyone gets to enjoy and experience the ‘Magic of Drumming.

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