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dark side drive & survive


           Dark Side Drive & Survive

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           Dark Side Drive and Survive require a calm persona.  The driver is blindfolded, with the  

           navigator seated behind.  The navigator instructs the driver to navigate a specific obstacle

           course in the bush with the whole team on board. 


           It is imperative that the driver listens and interprets instructions correctly. The navigators  

           need to build a trust relationship, by communicating verbally and non-verbally in a calm,  

           precise and assertive manner.                                                                       

           This activity takes 'Trust and Accountability to the next level. It is challenging, exciting  

           and 'Fun'  and definitely a memorable experience to be shared by all team members. This

           is all achieved on the vehicle, whilst taking in the scenery and game.  

           This team-building activity Dark Side Drive & Survive is a powerful interactive event, that 

           touches on the core issues of:

  •     Trust

  •     Accountability

  •     Effective communication

  •     Teamwork


           This thought-provoking and powerful event tests communication, trust and many of the 

           key factors that influence effective teams.

           Should your team need to bond get to know each other better, trust each other when  

           performing under pressure, then this is the activity for you. This thought-provoking and 

           powerful event covers the key factors that influence effective teams. The teams and 

           individuals are directly accountable for their actions, and performance is measured by 

           constructive team participation.

           The event focuses on

  •      Co-ordination

  •      Guidance/ interaction and bonding

  •      Trust

  •      Attention to detail

  •      Multi-tasking

  •      Effective communication (verbal & nonverbal)

  •     Teamwork

  •      Positive reinforcement

  •      Accountability

  •      Getting Out of Ones Comfort Zone

           Each delegate will participate as a driver and a navigator.

           This exercise effectively breaks down barriers, regardless of their gender or ethnic 

           group.The powerful experiences have an impact, which is applicable to the workplace and

           reveals how an effective team should work together.


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