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Corporate SkyDiving

There are five diverse and interesting challenges in DATeam’s (D Adventure Tours) Team Ultimate Survival, namely:

  • Orientation; you need to find the camouflaged cats in the bush and phone shoot them…

  • Design, produce a ‘Natural’ dart using nature’s resources, shoot your blow dart for score.

  • Make a ‘Fire‘ using only a flint, your balloon needs to be placed on the fire and water boiled.

  • Design and build your ‘Bush Shelter’ using natural resources, ensure it protects you….

  • Launch your rocket 100m into the air and save your team from certain disaster….

These unique challenges require the delegates to work together and beat the clock.   The teams are taken out of their comfort zones, they have to combine their skills of strategic planning, collaboration, design, orientation, attention to detail, time management, and ‘doing things totally differently’ in order to ‘Survive & Win’ on the day. 

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