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Amazing Race

 Amazing Race (Ancestral)


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At selected venues only

This event takes you back to your roots (pre mobile phones), and requiring of the team to fend for themselves by completing the seven activities within a certain timeframe.   The event may be held on foot or with the use of hired off road vehicles.

The activities must be completed within a specific time frame, and parallels can be drawn between the tasks and the office , namely

  • Make a fire using flint and kindling, by achieving fire your group has light, warmth, protection and food

  • Petrographs or rock painting – the team depicts their journey (goals and visions) from good to great.  Also showing what is required to achieve this.

  • Blow darts from scratch – the group designs and makes their dart for hunting and protection

  • Orienteering – find the camouflaged cat, buy following the directions

  • Grinding stones – grind your own millet to produce food for the team

  • Build your own shelter – without this the group is totally exposed to the elements, it is also a gathering point for the community to come to and live in and around