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Batwa Tribal Challenge

The BaTwa believed that the forest was the source of all abundance.

BaTwa people have a wide range of specialised skills and knowledge necessary to carry out their livelihoods, including an in-depth knowledge of plants and animals, as well as skills in medicine, music, dance and crafts.

The BaTwa Experience introduces the teams to an array of skills that were commonly used by the BaTwa Bushmen in order for them to survive.

  • Let there be “light and warmth” – the art of traditional fire making

  • Rock carvings/paintings (Petroglyphics)

  • Making traditional darts using only items found in nature, such as porcupine quills, tree gum and guinea fowl feathers

  • Hunting with blow darts using their traditional darts

  • Grinding stones – the skill of milling

  • Building of a basic shelter


Traditionally ‘Archers’ were heroes in several mythologies including Cupid!

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